Last Year

Last YearLast Year by Robert Charles Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solid work by one of my favourite writers. Robert Charles Wilson approaches again the theme of time travel, from a new and interesting angle, as he’s previously done before in some of his novels I had the chance to read (The Chronoliths, A Bridge of Years, Darwinia). This time, what he chose to examine is (another) what if: a meeting between twenty-first century people and nineteenth century people, as the travelers from a future (very similar to our present) make of the past a tourist resort for wealthy people, at the same time offering the residents of that past a glimpse into the (not so) utopic era from where they are coming. What’s great is the clashing of mentalities between the two centuries, which could also be interpreted as a metaphor of the current state of the world, of the clash between progress and the archaic views of the world that still exist.


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