Generation Loss

Generation LossGeneration Loss by Elizabeth Hand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I kept reading about Elizabeth Hand’s Cass Neary books and now i finally got around to read the first one. And wow, what a powerful novel it was.
It has, I think, one of the most depressed and messed-up protagonists I have ever encountered, and one of the bleakest and creepiest settings. Yet what I could not fail to notice was how much the feeling the whole story gave me was similar to the way Cass herself was absorbing the surrounding bleakness and seeing its twisted beauty.
An anti-heroine on the edge, a wicked atmosphere, wonderful writing… What else would anyone want? Redemption would be too much to ask, so we’ll have to settle for just a little hope. And Elizabeth Hand does give Cass a tiny bit of that, at the end.
One word? Brilliant. I will definitely come back to Cass Neary’s world, even if not right away (I need some lighter reading after this). And I will seek out anything else that Elizabeth Hand has published.


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