American War

American WarAmerican War by Omar El Akkad

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A grim dystopian novel about a second American Civil War between the self-styled „progressive” North and a South that’s not ready to give up on the past, set in a late twenty-first century when all that’s wrong about global warming has gone worse. A deeply american novel centered around a southern girl, written by an Egyptian-born Canadian journalist. A political fiction where politicians act just like we see them on the TV screens every day. A novel that is first and above anything about the darkness in people, about the evil that men do to each other in the name of senseless, empty ideologies and ages-old grudges that are well past expiration date. A thorough character study mixed with a carefully documented world-building triumph. A cruel exploration of gender bias and partisan politics and climate change scenarios. A book set in the world of tomorrow that is definitely about today. What could wrong with a book that fits any of the above descriptions? Plenty. And yet it does not. American War is simply amazing.


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